• Kawakawa

    Kawakawa is a native plant grown in New Zealand and highly celebrated for its medicinal properties.


    The New Zealand Maaori people revere the Kawakawa plant for its various healing uses, and because of its curing abilities, Kawakawa is believed to descend directly from the Great Creator Io Matua Kore.

    Taane Mahuta, the God of the Forest, gave Kawakawa a home in his luscious, green kingdom of Aotearoa, New Zealand.


    People are known to use Kawakawa leaves as a hot, healing drink to help circulation, bladder problems and sleeping troubles, while others use it as a balm to treat eczema, boils and bruises, and other topical skin problems.


    However, Anamata have combined the power of three beautiful oils to make a multi-cultural SUPER SERUM!

    Anamata's Native NZ Beauty oil brings together Kawakawa infused oil, almond oil and tsubaki oil - a beauty oil used by the Japanese Geisha's for the hair and skin - to replenish and re-balance hair, skin and nails.


    Anamata's NZ Kawa Chilli Oil is a divine condiment, perfect for the obsessed-foodie, and combines the healing benefits of Kawakawa, with the popping oriental taste of the East; a modern Kiwi-Asian collaboration of flavour and health.


    Even better, the Kawakawa leaves Anamata uses, are sourced and handpicked locally in the damp, dark green forests of the Wellington region - so it's no longer a secret that you now know where the BEST leaves come from!

    Straight from our hands, and straight to your door.


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